Congost de Montrebei- unknown “natural wonder” in Catalunya

A beautiful place that does not appear in lot of guide tours and not even some Spaniards know about it. So I was very happy when my friend showed me this amazing spot, which I consider one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. River pass- Noguera Ribargorcana connects Aragon and Catalunya surrounded by mountains. The narrowest point between the hills is only 20metres. They have the height of 500 metres. The park was declared in 1999 a Natural Reserve and there is no litter in the whole place. Actually I was surprised the people are so respectful because there was really no trash anywhere. This would not work in Poland or Belgium;)

There are lot of activities you can do there: trekking even with children the route is quite easy and you can always turn around when you want, just make sure that you carry enough water with you. Unfortunately we were not so smart and I had to “beg” the passing boat to give us one bottle of water, which saved us on the way back.

You can also take a kayak tour in the river. There are some companies that rent it out for hours or you can do the whole day tour: Montsec Activa or Zenith Aventura. The adrenaline junkies  can also do natural climbing;) For those who prefer to do something peaceful I recommend to take the train Tren de los Lagos between Lleida and la Pobla de Segur. The journey last 1h and 50 minutes and costs 7e each way.  On to the train you can admire beautiful landscapes of this natural beauty.

I highly recommend to spend the whole weekend in Montrebei rather then just one day its about 3,5 hours car journey from Barcelona and sometimes even more if you get stuck in the traffic.  The best months to go are between March and June and September-October, in summer is just too hot.



Bodrum- amazing food, beautiful landscapes and fairytale sunsets

I went to Bodrum because of the wedding of my friend Alex. But once I got there I realized I could not stay just for 3 days.  I decided to stay a bit longer  to enjoy last days of the sun as I know I won’t see it much when I will be back in Europe. As always when traveling I try not to stay in the hotels but I do couchsurfing and I stay with locals. I was very lucky this time and I had an amazing host-Emre who is from the city and showed me not only all must- see  but even took me to a small salsa place – Martin Cafe

What to see?

Bodrum is a lovely place located in the  southwestern part of Turkey with an amazing coast and fantastic harbour. Bodrum has an ancient castle from the 15 th century which overlooks the harbour and the marina. The best view of the castle on the other hand is on the hill with the windmills. I guarantee  the view is unforgettable.

If you want to go to the beach, Bitez has really nice ones(although I didn’t find any sandy beaches). It i salso a great place if you are into water sports like windsurfing.

Turkey is famous for its amazing cuisine. I still remember, when I was 5 years ago in Istanbul the taste of durum or kebab. This time as well I could not resisit eating all the local delicates. I had dinner in a small street close to the centre in the restaurant Meyhoneler Sokagi, where I had the best fish ever. You go there you look at the fish you like and then they cook it for you. There are lot of restaurants along the sea in the centre but this one was definetely my favorite.

Where to go out?

Bodrum is famous for its nightlife. Halikarnas is the most popular, quite posh and definetely not cheap but for the ladies they organize discounts at some nights. You have lot of international guests and good Djs.

Club Catamaran is a very original place. Glass-bottomed boat lights up the depths and you can admire the sea life while dancing. My favorite place for a drink was Deep House– amazing view on the castle, nice chillout house music and great drinks. (great place for a date;). On the main street in the centre there are lot of pubs and litle cafees with live music either turkish or western so there is always something for someone.

Turkey is a great place for holidays- great weather, nice people, amazing food. End of september, october or even november are good months to go when its not that hot but you can still get tanned.

After Bodrum and Istanbul I am ready to explore more next year. I sill have not seen Pamukkale so its a good reason to go back.



Ko Samui is fun

After exploring beaches on Ko Samui and the food markets I decided to do something more active and with a bit of adrenaline rush this weekend.

I always wanted to do zip lining which is simply going on the line very fast from tree to tree. But you never know how safe actually it is especially in Thailand so from 10 people who wanted to do it first we were only 4 left.  The first two lines were pretty easy. You could slide along the cables from platform to platform and feel what it’s like to fly.

But the third one when u had to stay upside down on the line with your hand loose. That was not funny at all and even my super brave friend Ben got a bit scared. I got such a thrill that I couldn’t ’t wait to get onto the next line and when it finished I was very disappointed that was it. Sky Fox is the most reliable company doing zip lining in Thailand and as me and my friends are still alive I can assure you its safe and its great fun.

Zip lining -had core version

After this activity they took us to apparently biggest waterfall in Ko Samui but it was much smaller than what I was imagining. But we still had great fun and even though some of us didn’t have bathing suits we all swam in refreshing water.

The next day we went on a trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park. For a price of 1100 Baht ,which is a bit more than 25e you got a boat round trip, lunch, snorkeling, kayaking and climbing . That is a pretty good deal for European standards . Good advice for climbers try no to wear flip flops like I did cause you will make it only till max 300m. The best from all was kayaking between the rocks- great fun. By the end of the trip we all jumped out of the boat into the ocean.  I think for one weekend it was a lot of activities but I cant wait for the next one to explore more what this island has to offer.

Ang Thong National Marine Park