Backpacking in Laos

Here is my video about my backpacking and volounteering adventure in Laos. I spent in this country only three weeks but I fell in love with the people, the food and the lanscapes. Its a place where time time stays still, truely amazing


The very best of Thailand

Its not easy to put four hours of footage into a 5min video, especially if it includes your whole year spent in a country that you loved, which in my case was Thailand. In this video I tried to include my best moments from my year in Thailand. I lived in Koh Samui but I also filmed my travels around like north of Thailand- Chiang Mai or Ayutayah and the islands: Koh Pangan, KOh Tao and the other side Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. Hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I was when making it.