Congost de Montrebei- unknown “natural wonder” in Catalunya

A beautiful place that does not appear in lot of guide tours and not even some Spaniards know about it. So I was very happy when my friend showed me this amazing spot, which I consider one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. River pass- Noguera Ribargorcana connects Aragon and Catalunya surrounded by mountains. The narrowest point between the hills is only 20metres. They have the height of 500 metres. The park was declared in 1999 a Natural Reserve and there is no litter in the whole place. Actually I was surprised the people are so respectful because there was really no trash anywhere. This would not work in Poland or Belgium;)

There are lot of activities you can do there: trekking even with children the route is quite easy and you can always turn around when you want, just make sure that you carry enough water with you. Unfortunately we were not so smart and I had to “beg” the passing boat to give us one bottle of water, which saved us on the way back.

You can also take a kayak tour in the river. There are some companies that rent it out for hours or you can do the whole day tour: Montsec Activa or Zenith Aventura. The adrenaline junkies  can also do natural climbing;) For those who prefer to do something peaceful I recommend to take the train Tren de los Lagos between Lleida and la Pobla de Segur. The journey last 1h and 50 minutes and costs 7e each way.  On to the train you can admire beautiful landscapes of this natural beauty.

I highly recommend to spend the whole weekend in Montrebei rather then just one day its about 3,5 hours car journey from Barcelona and sometimes even more if you get stuck in the traffic.  The best months to go are between March and June and September-October, in summer is just too hot.



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