10 reasons why you should travel alone

Since many people asked me the question” Why do you travel alone, what’s the point? I decided to write this post. I have been traveling alone since I was nineteen, which means that there is no age limit of how old you can be to travel alone. And yes you can travel alone as a women! I am still alive so it means that it is possible. So here are 10 reasons why it is so awesome to travel alone:

solo traveller

  1. You are never alone.

Despite the fact that yes you are traveling alone, you are actually never alone You meet people constantly. On the bus, on the plane, on the boat. It is very easy to struck a conversation with another solo traveler as they are always very easy going and open people looking to talk to someone just like you. Some of you might ask ok great but how do I actually start a conversation? Well here some openers that might help you, you can use them while traveling on the plane or any other way of transport: Are you traveling for work or pleasure? Are you traveling alone? I don’t think I can eat this brownie(or something else) I am so full, do you want it? Have you ever been to…..? Is it your first time in……?

The best thing is that you can decide when you want to be alone and when you want to be with people. Sometimes when I travel alone I have this urgent need to be with people but sometimes I just want to read my book in peace and quiet.

  1. You don’t have a fix schedule. Your itinerary changes depending on the people you meet.

A great way of meeting people can be also in hostels, bars, backpacker’s places. I have met once really funny guy while seating in a bar in Laos and drinking beer, he started conversation by asking if it’s my first time in Laos and this is how it started. We travelled together for couple days on a motorbike around Laos. Even though doing this route was not really on my agenda I had amazing time and I was happy to drive with someone rather than alone. Another time I was in Vietnam having breakfast and there was a girl sitting in front of me also eating alone so I asked her where she was from and if she traveled alone. She was 24 from Germany just finished university and wanted to take a gap year and traveling around the world. She said she was heading next to Hoi An and since it was on my list as well I joined her for couple days. We shared the room in a hostel and it was much cheaper, we also got along great so we had some amazing time partying together in this little town of Vietnam

  1. You become more open and social person

 When you travel alone you need to develop certain soft skills. If you join a group of people who already know each other than you need to find a common language, but its easy cause the common topic will always be travel destinations. When I started to travel alone I found myself more naturally talking to people when I’m working. It was strange for me before to have lunch and start talking to someone next to me without knowing him but when you travel everything is different. All solo travelers send this certain signal “ hey come and talk to me”. In the end when you come back from your travels you are more happy and open person and starting conversation with a stranger at the reception or business lunch doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

4. You find friends for live

 I have met some amazing people when I was traveling. With many of them I am still in touch and some of them I have already visited or they visited me. You never know where in the world you will meet people that they might end up living in the same city as you. I give you example of a girl I met when I was living in Koh Samui. We met at the morning meditation. She was also from Poland and since there were only three polish girls living on the island we became really close friends. And until today we are still in touch and talking on skype, we have already met in Poland many times and I just visited her in Thailand. Another great friend of mine was my couchsurfer For those who don’t know the concept it’s a hosting website where you can host someone on your couch or you can “surf” someone’s couch. It’s completely free and you always meet amazing and interesting people. I hosted this girl and she was supposed to stay at my place only for 2 days but I liked her so much that I let her stay for 10 days and we became best friends. We are still in touch and we saw each other already two times since we met.



  1. You can find love of your live

 It did not happen to me personally (yet!) but it can happen that you can fell in love with someone you meet while traveling. When you are alone you are easier to approach by opposite sex rather than when you are with a friend. I had some travel romances and met super interesting guys from all over the world. I also know a couple that met when they were backpacking alone and now they are engaged and planning to get married next year. How amazing is that.

6. You become stronger and more resistant to stress

When you travel alone you can count only on yourself and nobody else. When taking care of your bag, looking for a place to stay, navigating in the new city, talking to locals. You become much stronger person and more independent. I can see it on my own example that after backpacking around Asia for two months I was more resistant to stress. When I was traveling with friends I was relying partially on them while when I was alone I knew I can only count on myself, which made me much stronger and confident person.

  1. Every day is adventure

Every day is different and you don’t know what will happen. People you meet on your way can influence your future journey. When I was in Cambodia I met this guy who just came back from Laos. He told me he did volunteering work teaching English in Vang Vieng. He gave me the contact to the person in charge of the project. I went there week later and stayed for two weeks volunteering and I had amazing time. It was much better rather than just explore. I did something useful plus I had amazing time and it would have never happened if I have not met this guy.

  1. You are your own boss

When you travel alone there is nobody to fight with. You decide what time you wake up, what time you go to sleep and where do you go. You see the adventure threw your own eyes and not threw anyone else’s.

  1. Just enjoy time with yourself

 When you are busy and working how often do you actually spend time alone? When you travel solo you can use this time to meditate, reflect, and write your diary. You get to know yourself better in new environment.

Copy of IMG_3531

  1. You just have fun!

 Some of you might say ok it’s all good but do you really have fun when you travel alone? What about sharing your experience with someone else? You share your experience with anyone you meet on your way. You always have so much fun and you meet really interesting people with whom you have amazing conversations. I am never bored when I travel alone and always, always  have a lot of fun! One day you go cliff climbing in Thailand another day you go go- karting on the dunes  in Vietnam.



So my advice is when you are hesitating to travel alone or not I would say just go for it! I guarantee you will have time of your live and if not feel free to complain in the comments below!







4 thoughts on “10 reasons why you should travel alone

  1. Nice write up. I also travel by myself if I can as I have full control of what, when and where I want to do. =)

  2. Valerie says:

    Wise words and a lovely blogpost!

  3. wanderwizard says:

    That’s encouraging…

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