London I missed you!

Do you ever have a feeling that you live somewhere and you don’t appreciate it enough? Well I certainly did not appreciate London when I was living there four years ago. I came back now for a business trip and I have to say it changed a lot. New buildings appeared such as The Shard, which apparently is the tallest building in the European Union.
I was happy to see my favorite Modern Art Museum Tate still in the same place. With my press card I managed to see two new exhibitions of Malevich and Sigmar Polke. I do like modern art but I am not the biggest fun, my favorite part of the museum are not really the exhibitions but lovely coffee bar on the sixth floor from which you have amazing view on Thames and St. Paul Cathedral.

After Tate I went to see my friends Albin and Malwina who in the last 4 years managed to get together, engage, got married and buy the apartment in Canada Water. Wow! They made me the most amazing breakfast ever, which I really needed after getting quite ill( of course I did remember it’s me : every time I go on holidays I always need to get ill!:( So unfortunately I had to skip all the crazy partying and drinking that I planned but instead we went to see amazing dance show from Cuba Ballet Revolucion, which was in London only for 2 weeks so I was quite lucky to catch it and knowing my passion for Cuban music I absolutely loved it.

The next day I had a reunion with my crazy friend from Thailand – Erica. We followed our Thai tradition and went for a coffee in Camden Market, one of my favorite places in London on the weekend. You can get there food from all over the world including places such as Ethiopia, Senegal and… Poland- 3 stands of polish kielbasa(sausage) not kidding.
Only in Camden Market you can find clothes three or four times cheaper than in regular shops so I did my portion of shopping for winter with great deals☺

On Sunday I went to Covent Garden to see my friend from Vienna- Reka and we walked around the market and there again new buildings hanging in the air. We didn’t quite figure out how is that possible but still quite impressive. Covent Garden didn’t change much the same street artists, noise and lot lots of people☺ but I still enjoy it. I even discovered small church that I have not noticed before and it’s really lovely.

After spending four days in London I realized what I missed about it: my friends, great shows, musicals, food from all over the world at any time you want, great clothes for reasonable prices that you can’t get anywhere else expect of New York, concerts. But after spending four days in London I also realized things that I did not miss: super expensive and crowded tube and all people rushing like crazy, the fact that you can’t use your hairdryer in the bathroom, huge distances, crowds, crowds and crowds.
Summing up it was great visiting London and I am sure I will visit it now more often but I have to stay it was nice to go back to small Brussels where life seems to go a bit slower.


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