Songkran- water all around

When I first heard the word Songkran I thought it was a very strange name. My Thai friends explained that Songkran is the Thai New Year and is is celebrated by splashing water around. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? I thought at first it was a bit similar to the Polish ‘Wet Monday”. Later I realized it was nothing like that at all. Explain Wet MondayThe 13th of April was not a regular day in Samui.

Heavy rain woke me up in the morning. This is not the best weather for splashing water I thought. I realized this will be so much fun as soon as I left the house. Now the water gun I got at Nikki Beach for Easter didn’t seem so useless anymore. I went out to the street with all my friends in Lamai. Everyone was splashing water around: children, locals, tourists and people on scooters. I have never seen so many smiley faces since I arrived to Thailand. I felt the pleasant sensation of splashing water. People on the top of the truck threw cold water in my face. It was really great day so surreal and amazing.I will always remember sweet Thai children running around with water buckets. This is the image of the land of smiles I was waiting for to see since I arrived to Koh Samui.

 Songkran in Thailand


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