Heart-pounding whitewater rafting at Nile

When my friend told me you should go water rafting at Nile in Uganda, I was a bit skeptical cause I have done it last year in the north of Thailand and it was not so  crazy as I expected it to be. But I decided to follow my friend advice anyway and spend my last day in Uganda doing white water rafting at Nile and it was simply AWESOME.

The bus picked us up at 7am from Kampala and we drove to Jinja, where the rafting was taking place. We had a nice breakfast and after that we got 30minutes training already in water. We were six people from Germany, Poland, Canada and Belgium, our guide was from the USA and he was rally funny and at the same time professional.  We started with the first rapid- grade 5. I thought when seating in the front I will have better chances to stay on the boat but nothing more misleading. I fell into water and the current took me away. Luckily there are guys in kayaks around your boat who can help you once you are in water. After this flip I thought to myself that wearing bikini was not the smartest idea. Once you are in water you need to remember to hold on to your paddle but if you have a choice between holding to your paddle or your bikini I chose of course the second so I lost my paddle. But the kayak guy brought it back to me.  So after this we were paddling for some time and we got another rapid. This time 3 other girls fall into water. Its scary when you fall but you have to laugh really hard as its great fun, you just need to be careful not to hit someone with your paddle or not to hit a rock. After happily drowning in the utterly enchanting view of the scenic and gorgeous river base of Nile we stopped and had delicious lunch

With lot of energy we geared up  and put some sun cream on, wich was preety useless cause the water will wipe it off but we still did it. The first part was preety easy in comparison with the second one as the time between the  rapids was only five or ten minutes. We had to paddle really hard in order not to fall into water but of course two of us fell in again.

All prety tired and still paddling we were reaching the “bad place” it’s a place where you really don’t want to be as the current is quite strong and you can be under water even for 20 seconds. Luckily we were all really good paddlers so we made it without going to the “bad place” We almost reached our destination, there was only one rapid left. “We didn’t flip the boat yet” I thought to myself  but I didn’t really want to experience it. We were following our guide orders and got into a really strong current, suddenly a big wave came and I saw our guide falling into water and one second later we were all under water and our boat has flipped. As scary as it was we all found each other safe and the kayak guy was chasing our paddles as the girls were holding to their bikinis. We flipped our boat back and climbed back in.

In total we had 1 full flip, 4 flips for me personally , 0 bikini bottom lost and 2 paddles lost.

We finished the day with bbq and watching our pictures and videos, crying from laughter. We were burnt, super tired but extremely happy. I had an amazing time and can recommend Aidrift to do this fun day with.  I am sure if I ever come back to Uganda this is going to be on me to do list.


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