First day in Uganda – I survived!

I always dreamed of going to Africa and cover a story there. Now the dream became a reality. I am in Kampala- capital city of Uganda and according to my friends,who have lived here and a guy in the Embassy in Brussels” it’s preety safe city”. Unfortunately my experience today was very different.

I decided to go to the city center and explore. I also needed a pair of sun glasses. I took the local taxi which is kind of a bus very crowded but quite cheap. I went to exchange the money and I asked the guy who worked at the exchange office where is the closest market, so he directed me to Owino. The market was very crowded but there were many interesting things to capture so I took my camera out (which is quite big cause I need it for work) and started to take pictures. Out of a sudden some guy grabbed my camera . Thanks to another good man who shouted at him and said something in language I didn’t understand I managed to leave the market without any damages apart from the psychological ones. Luckily nothing happened but I realized after a while I was the only white person at this market so I guess taking out my camera was not the best idea.

I got really stressed out. I finally got my sunglasses( in a shopping mal) and went back to the hotel. After complaining to my friend on skype, I listened to his advice and went to chill at the Speke Resort , which is a big Hotel Resort where all Expats go to on Weekends. Yes I know I should spend time with locals not Expats blabla.. but that is  all I needed: a swimming pool, drink in my hand, peace and quiet and no stress that someone will steal my camera.

So it’s a good thing I got a full pass insurance because I will probably need it. I still have two more weeks ahead and visits to the north and south of the country and 3 stories to cover so wish me luck. But something tells me it will be great two weeks.





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