Last Christmas I gave Thailand my heart

Is Christmas really time of joy and happiness? I didn’t notice it sitting in the kitchen for three days and cooking with my mum 12 traditional dishes for the Christmas table. Neither when I had to do some last minute Christmas shopping in a crowded shopping centre and listening for the hundred time George Michael. Of course Christmas has its good sites too like being with your family and sharing the Christmas wishes.

But last year when I was in Thailand away from this crazy Christmas spirit, those were actually one of the best Christmas I ever had. No stress, no rushing no cooking just me and couple of friends eating Pad Thai in the hotel in Bangkok, drinking wine and ending the evening on the Roof Bar drinking cocktails and listening to live piano music.  It was truly original of spending Christmas time and I really enjoyed it. Of course people in Thailand also celebrate Christmas, they buy gifts and they are with their families but I just didn’t notice this stressful time before Christmas as we have in Europe.

So from now on I decided that as much as I love my family and its great being around them during this time once every two years is totally enough.  Every other year I am going somewhere exotic where I have palms instead of Christmas trees and lots of sun.


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