Surviving my last weekend in Thailand

Why this title? Those who know me are aware that I was not very lucky in Thailand, starting from monkey bites finishing with knife attack on a scooter and several hospital visits but I was quite ok for the last couple months, especially while travelling around Southeast Asia. I decided to spend my last weekend in Thailand in my favourite place on Koh Phangan- The Sanctuary. It is really a paradise. When I arrived I just chilled on the beach and decided to go on a water platform. It is quite nice there, so peaceful and you can chill in a hammock so I did.  Suddenly I heard noise of a jet ski. Four guys surrounded me on the platform going around, one of them asked If I want to jump on. I said sure why not, “it’s not every day you can go for a ride on a jet ski” I thought. But just the moment when I was getting closer to the jet  ski the other guy went around and hit the platform. The wood fall off making terrible noise, one of the pieces hit my ankle. The guys seeing it just took off and I stayed there quite in schock. Then two guys from the Sanctuary came to get me on a speedboat and chased the crazy Spaniards(as they turned out later). I was not really hurt just a little scratch but I think I can be very grateful nothing serious happened cause it could have ended really bad. When I got on the beach all the people were asking if I was ok and saying it looked like from  a James Bond movie.

Of course I could not have a peaceful last weekend in Thailand otherwise I would not be Ewelina. At least Koh Phangan will remember me and I will be known as “the girl from the platform”as people were calling me for the rest of the weekend.  Even though this accident happened, this place will always  be my favorite spot in Thailand.

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