Mui Ne- paradise for surfers

My friend Betti recommended this place saying it’s a great spot to have fun and she was absolutely right. It was not high season when I got there so there were not as many people as normally but it was still quite full. Apart from surfing and kite surfing, which is the main attraction there you can also enjoy your time be going to the dunes, one is white the other one is red. I definitely recommend going on a go- kart and just having fun riding around the dunes on a huge motorbike.

I also tried surfing but failed miserably, it is nothing like windsurfing so it was quite difficult for me to get up on a board and in the whole hour I got up once, which is quite a success.

The best part of my staying in Mui Ne was actually renting a motorbike and going around by the coast. The views are amazing and the breeze is so refreshing. I stayed in Zerona resort which was 10$ for a dorm but you can also rent a bungalow for 35$ a night. It has a private pool and nice sun beds by the sea.  For the evening I suggest going to Sankara for a cocktail- it is not cheap but the atmosphere is nice and the music is really good, plus you can get 2 for 1 untill 10pm. For dancing there are lot clubs on the beach but check the latest updates as in the low season not all of them will be full. I even managed to find a Latin place with salsa but only because there was a guy from Colombia visiting for couple weeks.

Mui Ne is definitely a place where I would come back in future. The sun, the beach, great parties and hot surfers, what else do you need.

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