Volunteering in Laos

It is always cool to do something different while you backpacking. After a conversation with one of the new friends met in Cambodia, he convinced me to do some volounteering work in Vang Vien- Laos. I thought why not one week working in the rice field can’t be that hard. So I went there and met some really interesting people. The conditions were not so easy. We all slept in a wooden hat and sometimes you would wake up with ants all over you. The bathrooms were outside and it was raining for most of the time but this all doesn’t matter cause the atmosphere there was so warm and friendly. The manager of the Saelao project Songkao was very nice and funny. He made you feel like you were part of the family. During the day we were working mostly in the rice fields or at the farm and in the afternoon we were teaching English to children age 7 till 16. Me and my English friend introduced a dance programme as well. She was teaching hip hop and I was teaching salsa and the kids loved it. It was such a satisfying experience to teach them as they really appreciated it. They go to school and they work at the weekends, they don’t really have easy life.

But it was not just work we had 1 day off and on that day we were allowed to go to the city. So the whole group went out during at night with our local friends from the project. They showed us some cool places, bars and clubs that normally we would never find by ourselves.

Thanks to this project I met some really great people, got some experience in teaching and maybe I didn’t go tubing as everyone does in Vang Vien but I had the best time in Laos. Thank you Saelao project for a great time and everything I learnt from every participant!

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