Dreadful journey from Laos to Vietnam- welcome to Sapa

If I could describe my trip from Laos to Vietnam in one adjective it would be dreadful. First I was told in the tourist office that the fastest way to get to Sapa in northern Vietnam is to get the bus to Dien Bien Phu and then straight after there will be a bus waiting for me to get me to Sapa and the trip should be max. 4h. Surprise, surprise there was no bus in Bien Phu when I got there so I had to stay overnight in the dodgy hotel for 10$ a night. Then the next day I took the minibus to Sapa and again it didn’t take 4h but 9! I swear if I ever come back to Luang Prabang I will find this guy who sold me the ticket and lied in my face , I will punch him so hard that he will never  forget.  Not only the bus took super long but the journey was terrible- the road was bumpy and sharp turns didn’t seem to end.  Mountains the bus suddenly stopped so we had to get out and push the bus. Of course all the Vietnamese ladies stayed in the car and I was the only one that actually got off . We managed to push the vehicle and all in mud we got back on the bus, only after 3h we finally arrived to Sapa. The only nice thing about  the trip were magnificent views on the way, waterfalls, rice fields and mountains covered in clouds. If only I didn’t feel sick the whole journey I would really enjoy it.

I found a cheap hostel and checked in. It’s called Queens Hotel and you can get a really nice room with beautiful view on the mountains for only 7$ but I took the dorm as I wanted to meet people. I wanted to finally speak English after 2days long journey where I was the only white person and had nobody to talk toL.  So I took a shower and went go get something to eat as I didn’t eat anything the whole days cause I felt nauseous on the bus. The city is settled between the mountains, looks like from a fairytale. There are not so many tourists as normally in Vietnam. The time seems to stay still. The air is very fresh and it’s quite cold but I really enjoy it after all the heat in Thailand and in Laos. People are wearing jackets and trainers like it would be winter.  I met an Australian guy who just got back from China and we went to get some beers. All the pubs close at 11pm similar as in Laos so the city goes to sleep around midnight. The next day we went on a trekking trip and it was really nice but unfortunately all our clothes were covered in mud. I also almost died when we climbed to the waterfall. I slipped but luckily didn’t fall into the depths of the wild waters.

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