Crashing Cambodian Wedding

I definitely didn’t  expect going to a Cambodian wedding when I started my travels. But I ended up having great time at a typical cambodian marriage ceremony in Kratie.  Owner of my hostel invited me and couple other backpackers to the wedding of his friend and of course I couldn’t say no to his kind invitation.  They start the ceremony early in the morning-6am. You have to bring gifts like meet, fruits etc to the bride and groom. The whole family is already there. The average number of guests is about 500 hundred but sometimes it can come up even to 1000. The reason why there are so many people- is the money that guests are donating to the couple. This will help them to start a new life. After the wedding the fresh married couple will sit together and write down how much they get from every guest and when they get married in the future, they need to give at least double of the amount.

After the morning ceremony  the bride and groom go to take a picture and then they change their clothes to go back nice and fresh for the evening party. The bride gets to change around 5 times a day and every time she needs to have a different colour of the dress.

In the evening the bride and groom are welcoming the guests.  There is a stage and the life band. I  was very surprised when I discovered that my tuk tuk driver was the main singer of the band. The Cambodian people don’t really dance in couples as we Europeans do. They have kind of traditional dance when they dance in the circle. I was trying to learn it but unsuccesfully. Even the married couple didn’t dance together just next to each other. So they were quite impressed or maybe rather schocked when they saw me and my friend dancing together. The cameraman suddenly focused his camera on us and the guests surrounded us in a circle.Asians can’t really handle lot of alcohol. They drink beer with enourmous amount of ice so its not really easy to get drunk but they succeeded and even made drunk my German friends.

Crashing the Cambodian wedding was definitely highlight of my trip to Cambodia.  Sometimes it’s nice to try something different rather than just touristic “must do”

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  1. The best way to make friends!

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