Magical temples and visit in the Cambodian public school

One of the must seen in Cambodia are of course the famous Angkor Wat temples. And as people say they are truly stunning but 3 days straight is quite tiring, especially in this heat. Me and two other French girls got a tuk tuk for 15$a day which is quite a good price. The 3 day pass cost 40$ but if you want you can buy just one day( if you only want to do the main temples –Angkor Wat and Bayon) which is 20$. If you have time I recommend doing 3 days and taking a break between them. My favourite temple was without any doubt Bayon temple with 216 faces.

in our tuk tuk in front of the Bayon temple

In out tuk tuk in front of Bayon

If you want to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat than you need to be there at least at 5:30 and don’t be surprised if there are 10000 people around you wanting to do the exact same thing. I wasn’t very lucky with sunrise cause that day it was quite cloudy but it was still quite impressive.

Angkor Wat at sunrise


Another, beautiful  temple,(where Tomb Raider was shot)  was Ta Prohm- or Jungle. The trees are coming out of the walls. They are renovating it at the moment so there is lot of construction on site but it’s definitely worth checking it out.


 If you have enough time it’s worth going little bit outside and visit – Bansrai. This was the first temple where I could take pictures without having crazy tourists  on them. And if you decide to go on a tuk tuk or motorbike you can admire beautiful views on the way and you can stop in the village for lunch, which is much cheaper than eating close to temples.

IMG_0387As the temples were truly stunning, you had a contrast of sad, miserable faces of Cambodian children begging for money at every corner. They really won’t let go until they get a $ from you. And when you look at them you really want to help them but according to my guide this will only encourage more begging and preventing them from going to school.

But for me the highlight of the trip to Siem Reap was visiting the public Cambodian school .Children welcomed me with laughs and screams. The kids were really adorable and some of them even spoke a bit of English. All dressed very neat . The classroom fit about 30-40 kids and there were no fans inside- obviously very different to the schools in Europe. I talked to the teacher and she told me the salary of a teacher in a public school is only 100$. If you have difficulties finding a good tuk tuk driver you can contact Walter(+85592615956)or his brother. They will show you the best of Angkor Wat.

Visit in the Cambodian public school


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