Phnom Penh – crazy city with lot of nice riverside restaurants and coffee shops

For my first stop in Cambodia I have to stay I am positively surprised. Maybe its thanks to my great couch surfer who  introduced me to the city by taking me out to some really nice restaurants and bars. The only thing I would say you should be scared of is the traffic. If you think that when you stop on the zebra crossing the cars will be stop for you- that’s not going to happen. You just need to cross the street hoping that you won’t be run over.

For the city itself you need 2 to max 3 days. For me the highlights were the genocide museum- S21 and the killing fields. Its pretty traumatic experience but you need to see it. When you see the killing tree you will cry like a babe. Save one day for the both places and arrange a tuk tuk to take you to both of them as the killing fields are outside the city, it shouldn’t cost you more than 12$for the whole day. The only disturbing thing I found was that next to the killing fields there is a public primary school


With my tuk tuk driverImageImage

Killing tree


Another nice thing that I discovered in PP are the second hand bookshops where you can buy your favourite book and all Lonely Planet Guides for less than 8$ so no reason to bring one with you from Europe.

I was so happy when i saw my favorite quote in this bookstore


Another must see in PP is the Royal Palace, although I have to admit that if you have seen already the Kings Palace in Bangkok the palace in PP is a bit disappointing, but the surroundings and the view on the river is definitely worth capturing with the camera, especially the Cambodian children playing with pigeons outside the palace.


Night market and night out

IF you want to eat cheap and tasty go the night market. It opens every evening at 6pm and you can buy typical khmer food for 1$ or less.

For the restaurant my CS host took me to the happy pizza restaurant where you can have a pizza that will make you very happy;) and you can also taste typical “amok” – its a fish in curry, coconut sause super tastyJ!

For drink I recommend the sky bard –Eclipse where you have a great view on the city and happy hours cocktails for 4$ or in the city the Pink Elephant Mecca for backpackers and reasonable prices.


People are nice but you need to be patient and learn the phrase ot dteh o –ku!n haey(no thank you) so they leave you aloneJ.  No thank you is not enough

The city is not that stunning but there are lot of interesting things to do, you can even try aerobic on the riverside or at the national stadium either early morning(6:30am) or in the afternoon(5pm).


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