A Magical Place – The Sanctuary in Koh Phangnan

I was looking for some peace and quiet over the weekend to be alone

I heard that The Sanctuary is the place to be. It is one a secluded beach on notorious Koh Phagnan island in the Southern Gulf of Thailand. We arrived by boat, and payed our 200baht, which is average price.

The place is isolated and beautiful. We were given the option to stay in a dorm (200baht per night) or our very own bungalow. No reservations are permitted so we had to bet on your luck to find a free bed.

The Sanctuary features yoga, a spa and free meditation. My favorite meditations involve dancing and singing. I did one yoga class which was really good and “transformational breathing” where they teach you how to breath, which helps you reduce stress.

I went on this journey solo, but quickly met amazing people with tons of positive energy. The weirdest thing about The Sanctuary is that we were meditating and doing yoga during the day, and during the night we partied like rock stars at the famous Eden and Guy’s Bar.

These famous parties start at sunrise.

I went to sleep at midnight and woke up at five in the morning to have the energy to endure this wild ride; to see the sunset and go to the party. It is a strange way to start the day, and a totally unique experience.

I had an incredible experience at Eden Bar. The atmosphere there is so positive and the music so amazing you just don’t want to leave this place.

I didn’t want to go back to Samui after three days at The Sanctuary. I will definitely go back. I am looking forward to experiencing new things like dance therapy, movie nights on the beach. The Sanctuary can not be missed!

Eden in the background

Eden in the background

Bamboo-best restaurant ever

Bamboo-best restaurant ever

view on Sanctuary

view on Sanctuary

Guy's Bar

Guy’s Bar


Morning meditation

Morning meditation

Before sunrise

Before sunrise




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