Chiang Mai- in the heart of northern Thailand

I was waiting a long time for my Christmas holidays and I can finally travel around Thailand. I have 11 days so it’s not a lot of time but I decided to discover north of the country and go to Chiang Mai. As people describe it, it is a Mekka for artists, writers, film- makers, poets. It’s the second big city in Thailand and there are 20.000 expatriates living there. The nature is incredible and it is so much different from the south of Thailand. You can discover jungle, waterfalls, lakes and mountains. This part of Thailand is also much cheaper than the south and people are nicer and really smile all the time. It is not so touristic as the islands so they appreciate tourists much more. Me and my friend Aurelie decided to do two days trekking trip in the jungle. We were trekking for two days and slept in the small hut made from bamboo trees in the middle of a jungle. In the morning we took a shower with the elephants and bathed them. It was truly incredible experience that I will never forget. On the second day we did rafting in a river and bamboo rafting. This was really fun bit a bit scary after our guide told us: “ Don’t worry there are no crocodiles here, only snakes” what a relief! At the end of the two days we were really exhausted but If we had more time we would do 3days trip.

Definitely a must seen in Chiang Mai it’s a beautiful temple on the hill of the city-Suthep. Don’t get rip off by the taxi drivers, go with the red taxi to the zoo and from there take another one to the top of the mountain. They will wait for you and on your way back you can stop by the waterfall.

The Chiang Mai night-life has many bars, discotheques, live music venues located along Loi Kroh Road. You can meet lot of people from all over the world.
This city is also known for many festivals. The most famous one is in November- Loi Krathong. Every year thousands of people collect floating banana-leaf containers decorated with flowers and candles onto the waterways of the city to worship the Goddess of Water. Another one- Flower Festival takes place during the first weekend of February. I would recommend to stay in Chiang Mai at least one week or two. But I warn you once you get here you never want to leave this place.



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  1. Ewa says:

    Great pictures 😉 !!!

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