Medical care in Thailand

If there is one place in the world where being in the hospital feels like being in a five star hotel, it is Thailand. Since I came here I had lot of health problems. First some stomach issues, than flew, than monkey bitt me and finally I ended up in Bangkok Hospital in Koh Samui with kidney infection. It was difficult to get admitted to the hospital as my insurance doesn’t cover any general issues but after I explained to the nurse its really emergency and I cant go home they let me go to see the doctor. After signing lot of papers and feeling dizzy, they fitted me with an IV drip, put me on the wheelchair and brought me to my room, which looked like a little studio. I had big tv in my room with BBC World News and two movie channels, nice balcony (like ill people hang out there all the time) with the view on palm trees,  couch,  small table and little kitchen.

Lovely nurses came to check on me every 2 hours taking my blood pressure and checking my temperature. And every day they would ask to choose the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In Poland the food in the hospital is so bad that you always have to ask your family to bring you something otherwise expect to loose weight. Here the food was sometimes even better than in some restaurants in Koh Samui.

After four days there I was actually pretty sad when they said I can go home and gave me  a big bag with all medicines and instructions how often to take them. When I saw the bill I almost got a heart attack. “Thank God I am insured”- I thought.

Now I still need to rest in bed but I am back at home with crappy internet, no big TV with movie channels and no three times a day food service delivered to my bed.


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