Samui International Jazz Festival

Before I came to Ko Samui my friends told me you wont stay there long cause there is no culture and nothing to do apart from the beach. Now I see how wrong they were. For the whole week from 14th till 19th October Ko Samui was hosting international jazz music festival. Guests were treated with fine wine, great food and excellent jazz in a tropical scenery. The location changed almost every day and the last two days were free to the public. People could listen to jazz while seating on the beach. How great is that? Among international performers were Paulette McWilliams, Beets Brothers, CabocubaJazz, Edddie C and famous Mr. Ko Saxman king of Thai Jazz. For me the absolute highlight was CaboCubaJazz. People started to dance when they played latin version of jazz .
I have been to many jazz festivals and this so far was the best. Beach, ocean, mojito, great music and great artists -this all in one place.
If every month Ko Samui offers this kind of events I might stay here longer than actually planned.

Paulette McWilliams

Beets Brothers and Mr Ko Saxman

with CaboCubaJazz


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