The best things in Thailand

I still didn’t decide yet whether is the food or the massages. My favorite dish so far is the Pad Thai. Rice Noodles made with egg, cashews and chicken or pork. It is not so spicy in comparison with other Thai dishes so for me it is absolutely perfect. The other great things are the fruits shakes. This is seriously heaven in your mouth. Watermelon, mango, orange, and coconut whatever you want mixed with ice. It is so refreshing with this hot weather. I also tried famous insects. It was harder to actually put it in my mouth rather than eat it. If I didn’t know they were insects I wouldn’t notice any difference with normal crisps.

My favorite bit when I go to the beach is the massages. You can get one every week or even more often as they cost around 5e and they are really amazing. You can listen to the sound of waves, relax and forget about all your problems. Where in Europe can you do that?? I am sure there are many other great things to discover in Thailand but so far I am very happy with my Pad Thai and my  Thai massage. 


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