First weeks in paradise

First three weeks have passed like three days. Lot of things happened: I learnt how to drive a scooter, I ate insects, I got used to spicy food and small lizards in my room and I found a place, where I can dance salsa. Apparently Ko Samui its not Brussels and you can’t go around island with bus or a tram. The only choice you have is to drive a car, scooter or cycle. In the beginning I thought I will just get a bicycle as its healthier and environment friendly but after only one day I said this is not going to happen. The hills and the heat make it impossible to cycle and the dogs are running after you whenever you are on your bicycle. It is just faster, more convenient and also cheaper to rent a scooter here than go on bicycle. So thanks to my friend Arin and Ben who taught me how to drive it I own now a scooter. I am independent and can do whatever I want☺ It feels great. I would never think I would get on one of them and just drive freely on the road with all those crazy drivers and on the left side of the street but everything is possible.


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